Aidy Smith

Award-winning TV presenter and journalist, Aidy is also a keen LGBTQIA+ and Disability Diversity spokesperson, a Patron for the UK’s largest neurodiversity charity, the ADHD Foundation & Neurodiversity Charity, and is the official Global Ambassador for the Tourette Association, the world’s leading Tourette Syndrome and tic-related disorder charity.

Aidy Smith News

Brilliant to see @sypped celebrating some of the best bar talent in the country, hosting this year’s Top 50 Cocktail Bars event for @franklinandsons 🍸

We’re very excited to now be representing the fantastic, award-winning TV presenter and journalist Aidy Smith (@sypped)🌟

Don’t miss Aidy on Amazon Prime’s @thethreedrinkers, in print with his weekly column for @evening.standard and on @bbcradio4 and @bbcsounds with his major documentary The Truth About Tourette’s 📝